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  • RT @FootballFanCast: 2016/17 season: 🇧🇷 Coutinho: ⚽️ 13 goals 🅰️ 7 assists ✅#BallonDor shortlist 🇨🇱 Sanchez: ⚽️ 24 goals 🅰️ 10 assists ❌#…
  • ♩MASAKI YODA 2016/12 -Right there(sample)(1/3 Quality)- https://t.co/I8NISiVLDn #музыка #Япония #ИНФОРМАЦИЯ
  • RT @AmeeHart: ⚡️ “It's Not About 2016” by @SallyAlbright https://t.co/c40gZjtQN4
  • @DonDemcsak Enjoy your time in Dallas like ROYALTY! Enjoy this offer: https://t.co/QiwIm6o8lA https://t.co/Rt44Ux6Fw2
  • Retweeted نادي النصر السعودي (@AlNassrFC): التقرير المالي لنادي #النصر من 2016/7/1م وحتى 2017/6/30م #معاك_يانصر... https://t.co/lwLnXyIOIh
  • RT @ALNAQ33B: المرتزق مذيع قناة الجزيره اللي مضيع اصله جمال ريان يغرد في 2016 ويقول : انا مصري من اقحاح مصر… https://t.co/dv8st5bUdH
  • More data was lost or stolen in the first half of 2017 than all of 2016 https://t.co/bRdReP5TUY
  • ¡Sal de lo habitual y sorprende a tus amigos! https://t.co/uYC53bjXUx
  • RT @mattyglesias: This is why Bannon always followed a strict “no criticisms of Barack Obama” policy from 2009-2016. https://t.co/HCXi7koo9X
  • Fuck you, Scott Walker.
  • Stay #CyberAware & keep your company secure w/ these 6 tips for avoiding a #breach: https://t.co/D9BzDKGdeJ #NCSAM
  • التقرير المالي لنادي #النصر من 2016/7/1م وحتى 2017/6/30 المتبقي من المديونية 205,119,572 لو غير كحيلان كانت اكثر https://t.co/WcMF2rUgaK
  • RT @CORLEBRA777: We are at War. The US was attacked.America's Allies came to this conclusion in 2016. The war continues @counterchekist @…
  • You think banning crackers is unfair? Your lordships had even objected to cremation of corpses in 2016. https://t.co/bI3nKlIQes
  • RT @Ovaciondigital: ¡Hoy juega la más linda mundo! Empezá a vivir el partido. Descargá gratis la #appdeOvación aquí ►https://t.co/rUmiWSrV
  • Africa’s air traffic accounts for just 5% of world total as Lagos airport handles 7.3m… https://t.co/gHRQcKJWAK
  • RT @nytimes: One in 10 students in NYC public schools were homeless at some point during the 2016-17 school year https://t.co/69RjXGSBIA
  • RT @ActionYaDawry: التقرير المالي لنادي ⁧#النصر⁩ من 2016/7/1م وحتى 2017/6/30م.. المتبقي من المديونية : 205 مليون ريال https://t.co/gwyYw9tU
  • RT @LukeWilliams22: From 117th to 13th in the world, Euro 2016 semi finalists, world class talent, a generation inspired. Where did it all…
  • RT @PoliticalShort: 2016 Orlando- 49 killed 2015 San Bernardino- 14 killed 2015 Chattanooga- 4 killed 2013 Boston Marathon- 3 killed 2009 F…
  • RT @_Bxnto: Les supporters irlandais dans le métro parisien pendant l'Euro 2016. https://t.co/ikAd7q4wlU
  • Which employee benefits are actually worth getting excited about? https://t.co/fESwnQs7ts #EmployeeBenefits #Advice #Career
  • bander_m_2016がリツイート
  • RT @michaelianblack: Anybody else feel like the insanity is particularly insane right now?
  • RT @taengstepho: ถ้าฟานี่เป็นสีแดง ฉันคงเป็นสีฟ้า - แทยอน จาก K WAVE 2016 https://t.co/5G0vJqlOg4
  • RT @nytimes: One in 10 students in NYC public schools were homeless at some point during the 2016-17 school year https://t.co/69RjXGSBIA
  • RT @la_cabilla: "Leopoldo López se dejó meter preso por una tiranía, y peor aún, lo hizo entregándose voluntariamente" @FBoccanera https://…
  • Feeling a little down since Nov. 2016? Yeah, me too. The Enormous Emotional Toll of Trumpism https://t.co/TPYU8LHIfW via @thedailybeast
  • RT @filmgloss: moonlight (2016) - the middle of the world - so beautiful https://t.co/4bchIWQWbh

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