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  • RT @seph_lawless: Here is the list of the Top 5 deadliest U.S. cities, according to the violent crimes survey released earlier today. 1.)…
  • RT @AUGoldMine: Auburn's winning margins heading to SEC title game Alabama by 12 Mercer 14 Texas A&M 15 Ole Miss 21 Georgia 23 Louisiana-M…
  • RT @RadioTaronja: GUEDES, operado con éxito. 3-4 semanas de baja. Podría llegar para el último partido del año ante el Villarreal (23 de di…
  • regra 4 da dua lipa N TROQUE AMIGO POR NAMORADA(o)
  • RT @dramaticboy718: 171125 TAEMIN’OFF-SICK [on track]’in KOBE_Crazy 4 U #태민 #TAEMIN #テミン #泰民 https://t.co/06arcNpx0D https://t.co/LmfSO5D
  • Earned 4 PSN trophies (4 bronze) in Assassin's Creed Origins - https://t.co/3Oxrg3dDh8
  • o seu perfil foi visto por 4 pessoas nas últimas 3 horas https://t.co/Y51ln3ihsB
  • RT @MatthieuRozay: Re-bonsoir Avant de dormir sachez qu'en Pologne : Un Menu maxi au KFC vaut exactement 2,60€ Un Bucket 32 wings + 4 fr…
  • RT @portal_AND: Declaración de Asamblea de Andalucía ante el 4 de Diciembre https://t.co/yTapu3BlQA https://t.co/qZ5ghpsFfl
  • RT @OllieBass202: That's just a little longer 2 bring your beauty out 4 us Maxine. U R OUR HEART THROB. https://t.co/ix6bDflcyN
  • Give and it will be given to you - 5 Ways To Share Your Professional Expertise And 4 Reasons You Should via @forbes https://t.co/nRvcBzGDNM
  • RT @HeartOMfilm: For those in Europe, @timeforequality and @UN are hosting a screening of @notmylifefilm on 12/4 in Luxembourg, details her…
  • RT @sena_kb: [4K] 171126 TWICE (트와이스) 'LIKEY' Fancam [직캠] [전체] by Sena @고양스타필드팬사인회(Twicetagram Fansign Event) https://t.co/6zXhp0pGHC #TWIC
  • RT @wirisgiannini: jovens q calculam o tempo através das musicas, tipo nossa fui rápido só demorei 4 músicas pra chegar aq, me add
  • RT @bceeteedubz: I cant get over Lil’Kim lyrically bodying niggas since 1994. I can see the niggas looking at her crazy as fuck, 4 foot and…
  • RT @thugfeel: there are five types of fears. 1. terror 2: panic 3. 14 missed calls from mom 4: username or password is incorrect 5. we…
  • RT @NPretov: 19 Anorexia Survivors Share Before-And-After Photos To Show Their Amazing Transformations https://t.co/fAbpLTa2du
  • RT @ubu369: 特許庁がデザイナーにとっての知財教本を無償公開。 プロの方々が関わっており、デザイナー以外にもクリエイションに関わる職業人には必須の知識です👍🏻✨ CC BY-NC 4.0😌 知財教材「デザイナーが身につけておくべき知財の基本」 | 経済産業省 特…
  • @Kuma_Lipton_424 楽しかったで(´◉౪◉`)
  • RT @hitomin___0824: コロちゃんの変顔4連発🤣❤️ https://t.co/q43SuNjsEw
  • RT @mbk1392: #مطلب_جمهور_كلنا_بن_عمره نطالب بإرجاع ابن عمره للقرية ونأكد بعدم خروجه مره ثانيه من القرية .. وابن عمره ضرب أروع الأمثله في بر…
  • RT @DebraMessing: Unbelievable #CyberMonday deals at https://t.co/DJBPdm2gsO this year. 4.5 million people are eligible for health plans th…
  • ¡Para mí!  Súper sorteo de 4 tarjetas de regalo de Repsol! gracias a #HappyWeeksAppMiVodafone https://t.co/DYIgB9JtEg
  • RT @DEXTAERITY: number of children bts wants to have (old but gold): RM: 2 boys, 1 girl Jin: 2 boys, 1 girl YG: 1 boy JH: 2 boys, 2 girls…
  • RT @m_i_: こんなのばかり考えて…… 年賀状4コマ https://t.co/A7VpZcelr1
  • RT @NPretov: 19 Anorexia Survivors Share Before-And-After Photos To Show Their Amazing Transformations https://t.co/fAbpLTa2du
  • I just earned the 'Draft City (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/YEHoROWrIV
  • 19:54 en Maipú Accidente vehicular (10-4) R1 B8 Autopista del Sol y Km 12,8 Direccion Costa https://t.co/d3sDQTlPBm
  • RT @ILikeYou_JM: Follow 한정 12월 1일 원서 접수 후 12월 4일에 특별 전형 면접이 있는데 [ 외식조리과 ] 에 붙게 된다면 RT 추첨을 통해 한 분에게 2018 시즌 그리팅 드릴게요 갑자기 긴장 되고 도저히 떨려서 못 참겠…
  • RT @nancyns_: กลายเป็นคนที่งีบหลับเวลาประมาณ 4-5 ทุ่ม แล้วตื่นอีกทีเที่ยงคืนครึ่ง ละอาบน้ำนอนเสร็จประมาณตี 1:15 โอ้ยยยยยระบบการนอนพังค่ะ