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  • RT @ff_meef: ในช่วงปีนี้เหมือนเห็นวินเนอร์ มีความสุข หน้าสด กิน นอน ตื่นนอน ก่อนนอน ร้องไห้ บ่น โกรธ เถียงกัน เหมือนเห็นครบทุกอย่างแบบชัดๆใ…
  • What brokerages have to say about Tata Steel. https://t.co/5PzrdW0wdM https://t.co/qnzeUvwE36
  • RT @educationweek: When it comes to educating students with special needs, "the minimum" is not an option, writes @BetsyDeVosED. https://t.
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  • In 1 chart, what's in the final tax reform bill https://t.co/Sm3eBoVuTb via @adamnmichel @DailySignal #pursuethetruth
  • RT @allkpop: 'SBS News' releases CCTV footage of Jonghyun visiting a convenience store on the day of his death https://t.co/YPnrbcgJJU http…
  • RT @newtgingrich: The Democrats voting against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are voting against more jobs, higher take home pay, and lower taxe…
  • RT @NSUWolvesFB: Zach Parks Named Northern State Wolves Football Offensive Line Coach https://t.co/Aw6cGMIXpP
  • Monday. October 16, 2017 WHAT: #pingpongtable painted by uncutart / #uncutart. #hard2guardhttps://t.co/Er2mObWDRF
  • RT @PipeHenriquezO: Matías Walker (DC): Buena parte de nuestro electorado votó por Sebastián Piñera. https://t.co/D0uvYqzDrm vía @VozCiudad
  • RT @USATODAY: "Everyone did it for nothing," said director Ridley Scott, who reshot 22 scenes of his intense drama. https://t.co/PWz6MSD9J2
  • RT @ETCanada: Heather North, best known for providing the voice of Daphne in @ScoobyDoo, has passed away at age 71 https://t.co/GTGnrQzZgk
  • RT @grabichaz: Seguimos avanzando, gracias a Dios, el diciembre de 2001, lo recordamos por hechos lamentables, el del 2017 lo recordaremos…
  • [#Oaxaca] Colectivo Semilleros se coronan en el Torneo de Futbol del PRI | Leer más en: https://t.co/pMGAxyBR0phttps://t.co/eoTVI2MAKM
  • Day #353 - Week #51 Year Completed 96.7% - Year Left to Go 53.3% Days Left in 2017... 12 https://t.co/9ZWVj3Jhr6
  • RT @sumire_princess: SKE48を卒業しました。 すべての皆さんにありがとう。 私はアイドルになれて幸せです。 2017.12.19💜佐藤すみれ https://t.co/ysGnN14Jf1
  • RT @bookmoby: สำหรับ 'The Best' ของ Book of the year 2017 ในประเภทวรรณกรรมแปล ที่อันดับหนึ่งเป็นของหนังสือสัญชาติเกาหลีจากสำนักพิมพ์ไจไจ…
  • RT @theGrio: #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke will launch the NYE countdown in Times Square: https://t.co/N38pYtcbpq https://t.co/NRY5V
  • RT @NYTNational: A win by a Democratic challenger means a 50-50 split in the Virginia House, where Republicans had clung to a one-seat majo…
  • Fox News contributor absurdly ties FBI text to an 'assassination attempt' against #Trump - Washington Post https://t.co/3UP7CyCePg
  • RT @NARAL: Shout it from the rooftops: 7 in 10 Americans support safe and legal access to abortion. This is true in red states and blue sta…
  • Los Puntos del Amor Mega Mix 1 en Vivo 2017 Full HD Video Concierto Oficial Genero Cumbia Sureña Alsa... https://t.co/nHe7oiRhcC
  • RT @ocvarsity: Orange County boys cross country athlete of the year: JSerra’s Anthony Grover https://t.co/WCnRE1wuoW https://t.co/2sdCPFm3Rv
  • नमामि गंगे का मूल्यांकन और निगरानी तंत्र कारगर नहीं https://t.co/agQLAySwIC
  • RT @Shaw021: 2017 vai ser lembrado como o ano do feliz 2018. Espero q 2018 n seja o ano do feliz 2019.
  • https://t.co/bbM2TbcSJV В Химках задержаны двое мужчин, тяжело ранивших женщину ножом - ... https://t.co/ZF44DICjBW
  • RT @elisa_jkt: Pak GM, PKL Kotatua ini sudah terusir berkali2 di sepanjang 2016-2017, bahkan kios2 Penawaskata yg sdh cukup rapih di Gang V…
  • Bitcoin cash soars above $3,000 after Coinbase says it will offer trading of the coin https://t.co/Lt9b47n8Tg https://t.co/1W1OXUQ0UQ
  • Tex i sep 2017 fick 24h Tech order på att tillhandahålla streamingplattform åt nordiska filmstreamingtjänsten Home TV (lansering q4/2017).
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