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  • RT @KAvenyou: The boys want the fans to guess how many songs to go before the show ends! 1? 2? Or 10?! Kekekek #MonstaXHSBC #MONSTAXinSG ht…
  • RT @ClassicAlbumArt: Tom Moriarty – I Shall Be Released 4 Great Dylan Songs by Tom Moriarty & Katey Brooks #NowPl
  • ガンダムソングス投票 | 全ガンダム大投票 40th | NHK ガンダムの全てを網羅したデータベースから、人気作品を視聴者が選ぶ史上初の「全ガンダム大投票」。あなたの好きな【ガンダムソング】への投票を募集中!!
  • @drannieKV I hate when that happens. I normally watch videos or listen to songs to try kick the writers block. You…
  • RT @BTSxSthCntrl: Did you miss the #BTS party last night on @KissChattanooga with SASSY & our own regional admins announcing HOBI's songs -…
  • I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Waldorf Math Grade 2 Sevens' and Eights' Songs
  • RT @jeonsdae: “how do you like his mixtape if you don’t even know what he’s saying?” honestly i don’t understand half the shit western rap…
  • RT @shannonjcoe: Me when I think I'm finally over 1d's breakup and then I hear one of their songs:
  • RT @choikawu: Shawol culture is being grateful towards a dog because she gave our Jonghyunnie love and appreciation and made him happy, mad…
  • Only thing I dislike about parenthood is that I always have little kid show songs stuck in my head because they catchy as hell
  • @lonelydress I like how we all love our faves music but everyone has different songs they prefer. 😊Mine are intuiti…
  • RT @CurlyHeadJackyy: Sings 90’s R&B songs with me, let’s really fall in love.
  • RT @USBTSARMY: [NEWS] U.S. TIMES magazine selects "#BTS #J-Hope's 'Hope World' as 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week" Placed #1 in 63…
  • RT @CurlyHeadJackyy: Sings 90’s R&B songs with me, let’s really fall in love.
  • Ya Agmal Eyoun by Amr Diab is number 3 in Egypt #iTunes top 100 songs
  • 5:48pm:Benji Hughes—Shark Attack!!!!!!!!!!—Songs in the Key of Animals
  • RT @jsxbang: A group of SG monbebe started dancing to songs from MONSTA X and other artists! Their dancing definitely took off some of the…
  • @DiabloJodi I make up songs for small children and my cat. You are my kind of person.
  • Last Song For You すべてを託して 二人の悲しみよ 夜空を駆けのぼれ 君が好きさ… 【A Last Song】
  • Wheels on the Bus Nursery Rhymes Songs for Children with Best City Part 468#
  • JAY-Z, SZA, Kendrick Lamar And More Make Barack Obama’s Favorite Songs Of 2017 L
  • I liked a @YouTube video AUX BATTLES: HYPE SONGS W/ OHTrapStar (Lil Pump's Cousin)
  • lensflairphoto1 I thought that song was about playing new songs and everyone wanting to hear your old hits?
  • RT @USBTSARMY: [NEWS] U.S. TIMES magazine selects "#BTS #J-Hope's 'Hope World' as 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week" Placed #1 in 63…
  • RT @CattMcCreary: Check out this #musicvideo! One of my new songs🎶 "Can't Keep Myself Away" ✨💕#TwitterFamily #NewMusicMonday @HardRockAtlan
  • RT @tylerisfire: 4. Christina Aguilera has a very powerful voice and her runs and riffs are usually great. However, she has a tendency to b…
  • .@NashvilleCMT might be on hiatus until the summer, but we’re enjoying the songs of @SamPalladio on the Saturday Ni…
  • RT @ARMY_POWER4BTS: @BigHitEnt @BTS_twt [Trans] (Article) US TIME, # BTS #JHOPE 'Hope World'..5 songs you need to listen this week #BTSAR
  • RT @kpoplover727: All I see is iKON fans and EXO-Ls congratulate each other for having amazing songs that lasted in the charts for so long…
  • When will white people understand: I'm black, so my childhood songs/shows/events most likely will not correlate with yours.