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  • @iihtishamm This tweet of urs unfair if pti had won u must be celebrating pls dknt be baised
  • How many exes u got ? — Too many to count lmfao 😂😭💀 https://t.co/1JeYJdjw4D
  • a c a b o u
  • いざ、自分のお金でとなると、大学ってほんとにいく意味あるんか?ってめっちゃ考えさせられる バイト今のところ苦じゃないしいっそフリーターになってやろうかとも考えたけど大学に合計半年も行ってないし青春したいしサークルも入りたい!いやでもうーんあーわーって四月が近づくにつれてなってる
  • RT @jaronxbaker: im really bad at texting unless im in love with u
  • everY DAY BOOM BOOM u got me like boom boom boom boom yeah boom boom boom boom
  • You know you sick ash when u don’t even wanna smoke
  • RT @blurbts: i can help u slide those panties off 😞 👊/||\_ _/¯ ¯\_ dim the lights down baby, dim the lights 👋 \ 😪…
  • RT @sh6wty: when a boy grabs ur face when he kisses u.... yessss honey thats what i loveeee
  • Today is Lincoln's 209th birthday. While president during America's most devasting time Lincoln said, "If u want 2… https://t.co/gEkuIA32pp
  • RT @Amy_Siskind: Thing is, I’m certain Mulvaney and the rest are so incompetent they don’t understand what this will do to our economy. Or…
  • RT @DrDenaGrayson: U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L B-A-C-K-G-R-O-U-N-D C-H-E-C-K-S for A-L-L‼️ #gunsense https://t.co/r1wP0VvMWI
  • @lakescene EMILY UR SO CUTE I LOVE U
  • RT @saveweezy: i would hate u if I could
  • RT @rabotello10: pick what u need and RT for good luck
  • @HunterRowland Love u too 😘
  • Take their contacts out and they’re just regular Amirs that u put in goal cos no one else wants to play there https://t.co/4rXm3DJKps
  • RT @oddvixx: someone: vixx has been in a 9 months hiatus did u know me, a spoiled starlight: .... u sure it just havent been a week? cause…
  • RT @JarrettsPosts: could u imagine if guys showed off their girl as much as they showed off their fortnite victory’s.
  • @GessicaGeneus Rad u bel.
  • RT @dellskyler: I love girls that retweet my selfies like wow you are the sweetest lil thing ever I love u
  • @HunterRowland Love u more 😘
  • @cuckcuriouswife Very lovely picture u make x
  • have u have no big mac sauce on a big mac I don't want to know you
  • RT @realdefnik: jihoon is finding some new english words in substitute for “im 19 u fite me” https://t.co/JEvMWfUj6T
  • When u realize Valentine’s Day is two days away and u still don’t have someone https://t.co/n1ypqFEToe
  • RT @ABC: U.S. Olympic skier Nick Goepper told Amy Robach of "Good Morning America" he has only one goal at this year's games. "I came here…
  • RT @hugvvarts: you so fuckin precious when u 💞💓💕💝💗💘💖💖💞 💝 punch draco in the face 💖 💗 f…
  • @b_u_tcatchme @yuzu_1205 なんでも売ってそうな駅ね! ゆんちゃんとこまだ降ってるんだ😣 なかなか溶けないね❄
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